Tonight: Guy Fawkes Night Victoria Freehouse

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
the Gunpowder Treason and Plot…

Yes, tonight is Guy Fawkes Night, and they’re celebrating at the Victoria Freehouse by kicking off their Whiskey Week celebrations.

So what’s on tap for tonight? Whiskey flights–with ten-year-old Laphroig, Macallan and Glenmorganie all sharing the table for $15, plus plates of Devils On Horseback (dates wrapped in bacon, for those of you unfamiliar with British culinary delicacies).

On Thursday night, they’re doing straight Macallan flights (the 10 year, 12 year and 15 year) for $20 (plus pub snacks) as a run-up to a Macallan pairing dinner at 7pm that’ll set you back an additional $50 for 5 courses plus pairings. Check out the menu after the jump.

The Victoria Freehouse

Macallan Pairing Dinner–Thursday, November 7

Famous Grouse Cocktail + Amuse Bouche (seaweed blini, house-cured salmon, mustard clotted cream, mustard “caviar”
Macallan 10 + caerphilly, honeycomb
Macallan 12 + crispy pork belly, steel cut risotto, pumpkin, braised leeks
Macallan 15 + duck breast, sweet potato puree, cabbage
Macallan 18 + baked apple, oat crumble, salted caramel, cinnamon ice cream

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