Three Spooky Menus for Halloween Week

Photo by Samuel Markey.

Blackfish is offering lobster for Halloween | Photo by Samuel Markey.

Chip Roman’s Blackfish and Mica as well as Ben Puchowitz’s Matyson are offering up special Halloween themed menus this week.

At Blackfish the menu is all about lobster. And if lobster doesn’t scare you, maybe the vampire squid will. No? OK, how about the price? $45 for a four-course lobster tasting dinner? Nope, ok maybe Blackfish isn’t so scary.

At Mica it’s a foie gras-centric menu. Ewww, liver. No? Not scared? Well at least the Hanibal Lector first course and bloody beet ravioli fit the season.

Matyson is going with a Franken-food theme. Puchowitz and his staff are combining unusual ingredients to make winning combinations. Eating anything named “Fnocchi” takes some bravery.

Check out all the menus:

Blackfish Halloween Menu

Mica Halloween Menu

Matyson Halloween Menu

Monday, October 28- Thursday, October 31
Franken-Foods: Unusual Combinations
Escargots, chicken liver, balsamic, fava, toast
Salmon, kampachi, tuna, sweet potato, soy, pearl onion
Fluke, chorizo meatball, queso anejo, aleppo
Smoked sweetbread, quail, shiitake, truffle, cranberry
Red velvet, dark rum ice cream
$45 Prix Fixe does not include tax, beverage or gratuity.
We kindly ask that the tasting menu be ordered by the entire table.