Greatest Hits and What You Missed: The New DiBruno Bros., Vedge Expands, Another Shake Shack Opening, Rick Bayless To UPenn, Top Chef Recap

The cheese counter at the new Di Bruno Bros.

The cheese counter at the new Di Bruno Bros.

It was a quiet week ’round Foobooz World HQ. Fall is here, and with the holidays already looming on the horizon, most of the industry is just putting its collective head down and getting on about the business of the day. And yet, there was still some big news (Vedge) and some fun weirdness (makeovers). So for those of you just recovering from this week’s Whiskey Fest, here’s what you might’ve missed.

Cocktail Classes At Franklin Mortgage And a new head bartender, too

More Details on Rosa Blanca The opening is coming right up

Shake Shack Opens In KOP Finally, some burgers in the ‘burbs

Cheu Noodle Bar Goes Late More time to Cheu

Rick Bayless Coming To UPenn He’s opening a Tortas Frontera at the newly renovated ARCH complex

Vedge Expanding To Rittenhouse And we have the details

Top Chef Episode 4 Recap In which we learn the ultimate fate of Jason Cichonski (among other things)

Heading Out For Whiskey Fest In case any of you out there are in need of a makeover yourselves…

Inside the New DiBruno Bros. Free stuff this weekend, plus some pictures