Philadelphia Weekly Fail: We Meant Dave Lai, Not Benny Lai

But hey, both are great guys.

On Wednesday morning, the new Philadelphia Weekly hit the honor boxes, with a cover story about the alt-weekly’s favorite things in Philadelphia. The cover (seen here) proudly claims Vietnamese restaurateur Benny Lai as one of those favorites, and we couldn’t agree more. Except the guy on the cover is not, in fact, Benny Lai.

“That’s Dave Lai, Benny’s brother,” explains Lai’s publicist, Tina Breslow. The article inside also refers to Benny, not Dave.

So wherein lies the mistake? Did the PW accidentally stick the wrong guy on the cover? Or did they mean to call Dave Lai one of their Philly Favorites and not Benny?

The latter, says PW Editor-In-Chief Stephen Segal, chalking the mistake up to a “communication error” between the writer, the photographer, and Dave Lai.

Still, Benny is pretty awesome, too.