The Five Top Cheese Dishes in Philadelphia

The five cheese dishes you must eat before you die (or leave philadelphia)

Irish Bacon Grilled Cheese at St. Stephen's Green

Irish Bacon Grilled Cheese at St. Stephen’s Green | Photo by Jason Varney

No longer content wit’ Whiz, Philadelphia has become a cheese-lover’s paradise. Here are five cheese dishes you must try now.

Five cheese dishes you must eat before you die (or leave philadelphia)

1310_Cover_food-lovers-guideThe Cheese Service at Fountain
There’s only one place left in the city with an honest-to-Jesus cheese trolley, and Fountain is it. This is cheese, glorified. Center City

French Onion Soup at Parc
We all know the real reason anyone orders French onion soup. Rittenhouse

Pretzels and Beer Cheese Sauce at Alla Spina
Imagine the best pretzels you’ll ever have, dunked in the best cheese sauce you’ve ever tasted. You may never eat anything else again. Fairmount

The Cheese Plate at Talula’s Garden
Aimee Olexy’s cheese-whispering powers are most plainly on view on this restaurant’s cheese plate. Washington Square West

Irish Bacon Grilled Cheese at St. Stephen’s Green (pictured)
Seven cheeses, brioche, thick-cut Irish bacon and a side of fries or a salad? Maybe save this one for last—and bring along a priest to give the last rites. Fairmount

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First appeared in the October, 2013 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

The Food Lover’s Guide [Philadelphia Magazine]