Meatball Competition at the Swedish Museum

The Swedes are sometimes overlooked when it comes to the founding of Philadelphia. Settlers from the Scandinavian country were among the first Europeans to inhabit the city. It’s why our city flag is blue and gold and also why the American Swedish Historical Museum is in Philadelphia at 1900 Pattison Avenue.

And if you know one thing more about the Swedes than Ikea, it is probably Swedish meatballs. This Sunday, October 6th, the American Swedish Historical Museum is hosting a meatball competition. Amateur and professional chefs will compete to create the greatest meatballs of them all. The meatballs won’t just be of the Swedish variety but in past years have included Italian, Cuban and Asian as well.

The competition runs from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and tickets are just $8 for adults and beverages will be available for purchase.

We haven’t been ourselves, but Jamie from Midtown Lunch tells us it is pretty awesome.

American Swedish Historical Museum [Official Site]