The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmer’s Market This Weekend

Yes, it’s October…aaand it’s still summer. Just when it starts feeling autumnal and we haul out our sweaters there’s another 80-something degree day and we’re left sweaty again. The bright side is that never-ending summer means never-ending summer produce.

Supposedly on the way out…

  • Summer Favorites: Peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, green beans, peaches, and even sweet corn are still lingering. Do yourself a favor and freeze some local corn, or put up some salsa. Pick up the Food in Jars cookbook, by Philly’s own canning maven, Marissa McLellan, for inspiration and head to Fante’s for jars.
  • Figs and Grapes:  Their brief seasons are winding down, so now’s the time if you haven’t taken the time to search out these intensely flavored, local treats.

Right now!

  • Ground Cherries: Though they look like (and are actually a relative of) tiny, yellow tomatillos in their papery husks, ground cherries (aka cape gooseberries) have a mild, sweet yet tart flavor. Peel their husks, wash away the sticky coating and eat them fresh, or use them as you might strawberries in a pie.
  • Lettuces: Now that the worst of the heat is behind us, head lettuces are returning to market. Look for romaine, butter, and frisee varieties and make yourself a salad with some crunchy apples.


  • Brassicas: The first of the season’s broccoli and cauliflower in white, purple and orange hues will be arriving back at markets this week.
  • Seckel Pears: Cute as a button, these little pears are great for a snack, or for your kiddo’s lunchbox.