Free Tacos At Tomorrow’s Night Market

Yup. In addition to all the run-of-the-mill awesomeness involved in a Night Market (particularly a Chinatown Night Market), this one will have a little extra kick in the form of free tacos being offered by Chipotle.

Sure, there’s an ulterior motive. They’re basically offering a sneak-peek taste of the new sofritas that they’re going to be rolling out at Philly stores later in the month in order to drum up interest in the new menu item. But really, who cares? Free tacos are free tacos. And they’re going to be offering two varieties–shredded, braised tofu with roasted poblanos, chipotle chilies and spices, and barbacoa (which is the same thing, only with beef).

So anyway, if you find yourself either short on pesos or craving tacos, look for Chipotle’s tent. I’m guessing you’ll be able to spot it by the line.

Chinatown Night Market [Official]