The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmer’s Market This Weekend

This, friends, is the best kind of weather that Philadelphia has to offer. Take advantage of these glorious fall days and all the delicious things that accompany them by picking up a few seasonal treats at your local farmer’s market this weekend. If your market happens to be the Rittenhouse one, do remember that they have abbreviated hours this week because of the Rittenhouse Art Show. For more information check here or @FarmToCity

On the way out…

  • Melons:  Cantaloupe and watermelons are beginning to dwindle along with our desire to eat them now that Fall is here. Get your fill before they disappear.
  • Peppers, Eggplant, Summer Squash: It’s ratatouille time and caponata time and time for you to be an absolute glutton while these summer favorites, alongside a few still lingering tomatoes, are still available.

Right now!

  • Pears: Look for both European varieties and Asian ones as well, but make sure you treat them differently: Asian pears should be eaten crispy and European ones like Bosc and Anjou should be allowed to ripen. Ask your vendor if you’re not sure which is which.
  • Apples:  We’ve got plenty of time with apples, so there’s not really any reason to rush to them while melons, peaches and plums are still around, but there is really nothing better than the crunch of one right off the tree or a glass of ice cold cider on a still-warm day.


  • Pawpaws:  Keep your eyes out for these yellow fruits. They don’t look like something that would grow locally here, but they DO (honest). They have an amazing tropical flavor and a custardy texture like a banana crossed with a mango. Not to be missed.