Pete McAndrews Wins Food Porn Award at Eagles Chiefs Game

On Thursday night, the Eagles and the Chiefs squared off at Lincoln Financial Field. I’ll let the people who know something about the sport opine about the future of the Eagles. I was there for the food and left before the end of the first quarter.

Below, some photos of what you’re going to be eating at the next Eagles home game at the Linc. Hats off to Aramark — the folks actually making and serving the food — for running a pretty tight operation.

Paesano’s Pete McAndrews wins the coveted food porn award for his namesake Paesano brisket sandwich:

In the dead of winter, Paesano’s meatloaf parmesan will warm you up nicely during halftime:

The Alla Spina North Philly sausage cheesesteak is the best tribute to the cheesesteak that I have ever had:


The cook at the Alla Spina stand on Club Level (the only place at the Linc that you can get Marc Vetri food) puts a sandwich together:


Alla Spina’s Marc Vetri and Brad Spence were first in line to try their mortadella hot dog:

No matter where you sit, there’s plenty of local beer to go around:

No sign of Jose Garces, but here’s his Distrito truck outside the Linc:


The Dapper Dan hot dog truck was there, too:

And, oh yeah, the Eagles: