Congrats to Our Feastival Tickets Winner

1st place-2011 MN Pheasant Stamp artwork

Congrats to Brad Podray whose Rare Meat concept received the most votes in our Feastival Ticket Giveaway. Brad will be going to Feastival this Thursday night, where he will not find any of the chefs offering Guatemalan cooing pheasants.

Meet “Rare Meat.” This super duper awesome fun restaurant will specialize in serving meat that is down to the last of its kind.

You enter a hallway, lit by candles. You look inside a glass case. In the case are Guatemalan cooing pheasants. There are three of them. They are a family. They are the last of their species.

Look upon their hopeless eyes. Their heads cannot grasp the gravity of the situation, but their hearts do. Choose a ’76 Malbec to wash them down with. Shed a tear for the loss of another noble, beautiful creature. Prepare to eat dinner.

Check out the rest of the restaurant concepts in the original post.

To get your own tickets to Feastival, purchase them now, the event always sells out in advance.