Schlotzsky’s Bala Cynwyd Opens… In Philadelphia

For a while, I had been hearing that some chain called Schlotzsky’s was debuting on City Avenue in Bala Cynwyd. Well, after some delays, Schlotzsky’s Bala Cynwyd finally opened last Thursday. Only it’s not located in Bala Cynwyd at all. No, Schlotzsky’s Bala Cynwyd is actually located in Philadelphia.

“I think the entire team thought it was Bala Cynwyd,” says Schlotzsky’s VP of Franchise Services, Debbie Gardner, when I pointed out to her that properties on the east side of City Avenue (the side that Schlotzsky’s is on) have a Philadelphia address, whereas the west side of the road falls in Bala Cynwyd. “Thanks for the clarification.”

The restaurant’s internal PR team had been misidentifying the location as Bala Cynwyd for months, and even Fameco, the Philadelphia-based real estate brokerage firm representing Schlotzsky’s in its Delaware Valley debut, had gotten it wrong. Anyway, this clean, friendly spot is a huge improvement over the utterly depressing Taco Bell that used to live here.

If you’re in the neighborhood and looking for a quick, inexpensive bite, try Schlotzsky’s Original Sandwich, inspired by New Orleans’ traditional muffuletta. Skip the Carvel ice cream they offer inside the store.