Undrgrnd Donuts Truck Rolling Out Soon

You know what we need in this town? More places to buy gourmet donuts.

Thankfully, it looks as though the Undrgrnd Donuts team will soon be pitching in. According to the Twitter, they’ll be hitting the streets “very soon,” bringing fresh, hot and made-to-order donuts to the masses.

Yeah, we said made-to-order donuts. Like this one…

Nice, right?

There’s no formal date for them to start slinging, but while you wait, you should really go check out the website. Particularly, the menu, which includes such notable donuts as the Wake Up (chocolate dunk, espresso dust and a cream swirl), the Cinnamon Challenge (vanilla dunk, cinnamon sugar coat and Red Hots), the Homer (vanilla dunk, raw sugar, chocolate-bacon chunks) and the Captain Kranky (strawberry dunk and Cap’n Crunch topping).

I would eat all of those right now. All in a row. And then maybe go back for seconds.

Undrgrnd Donuts [Official]

Undrgrnd Donuts [Twitter]