Greatest Hits and What You Missed: FedNuts Expanding, Top Chef News, Le Bec Fin Gets A New Name, Lesbian Nightclubs, Marc Vetri’s Kitchen, Cronuts and Budino Pops

A week where cronuts and budino pops are NOT the biggest news must be one hell of a week. And yeah, this one was. Check out all of our top stories for the week below and see what you might’ve missed.

Is Federal Donuts Going to 7th and Fairmount? It certainly looks that way
Cichonski, Elmi Confirmed For Top Chef 11 Flying the Philly colors in New Orleans
Le Bec Fin Becoming Avance That’s the first good news to come out of the Walnut Street space in longer than we can remember
Philly’s Only Lesbian Nightclub Closes Sisters turns out the lights after 17 years
Budino Pops Debuting Today Yeah, as in TODAY today
Want To See What Marc Vetri’s Home Kitchen Looks Like? You know you do…
Talula’s Daily Now Offering Daily Dinner Make your reservations now
Philly’s Cronut Wars We have our first casualty
Nick Elmi Is Opening A New Restaurant Yeah, right after that whole Top Chef thing gets settled…