Over 3,000 People at Table 31 for Center City Sips



Though Center City Sips has its critics, there are, apparently, plenty of people who do enjoy it — at least the Sips party that goes down at Table 31 each week. This photo from Wednesday night only begins to capture the insane number of people who have been showing up on Wednesdays at the restaurant’s plaza on JFK Boulevard since Sips started in June.

“We had more than 3,000 last night,” says Table 31 chef/owner Chris Scarduzio. “We put five satellite bars all around with the Sips specials, and I had 16 bartenders. The key to making Sips work here is getting people their drinks quickly.”

And while some bars see their Sips crowds vanish at 7 p.m., when the specials are officially over, Scarduzio says the opposite is true at Table 31. “I’m at the peak of business after 7:00 when Sips ends,” he explains. “Between 5 and 7 is actually my lowest volume. From 7 to 12, we kill it.”