Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Lobster Roll Delivery, Han Dynasty, Pot Brownies, Calexico, A New DiBruno Bros., Garces News and a Late Night Party With Jamonera and Hop Sing

There are some weeks that feel a lot longer than just 7 measly days. This was one of those weeks. Here’s what you might’ve missed:

Luke’s Lobster Delivers Best news of the week (though probably not for the lobsters)

Han Dynasty / Prime Stache Collaboration Dinner Do we really need to say anything more?

Petruce Brothers Opening on Walnut Petruce et al pretty much describes it all

Get Paesano’s Delivered To Your Door Now you have no excuse not to be fat

Verdad Sells Pot Brownies No, not that kind of pot brownies

Brooklyn’s Calexico Is Coming To South Street SoCal tacos for G-Ho

Garces Prepping For Two Local Openings Cuban sandwiches and champagne for everybody!

Details On The Newest DiBruno Bros. Everything we know on the 9th & Chestnut location

How To Eat Free And Jump The Lines At the South Street Night Market Become King of the Night Market

Going Late With Hop Sing and Jamonera A one-night-only event

Foobooz Growler Guide: Updated And just in time for the weekend