Tony Luke’s Is In Expansion Mode

We are fascinated by the locations page on Tony Luke’s web site. Of course there is the original Tony Luke’s at 39 E Oregon Avenue. But there are now locations in three different casinos and one in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with another one coming. And then there is an outpost in the Scores gentlemen’s club in Baltimore. So maybe it isn’t surprising that Tony Luke’s is opening today at the Laurel Lanes bowling alley in Maple Shade.

The doors officially opened at 11 a.m., at 4 p.m. the ceremonial cheesesteak cutting will take place with Analyze This actor Leo Rossi. Rossi is in town working with Tony Luke Jr. in his newest project, Mummer movie, Queens for a Day.

Next up for Tony Luke, a Temple University location at 1801 N Broad is scheduled to open on August 18th.

Tony Luke’s [Official Site]