Luke’s Lobster Delivers


Okay, so remember how excited we were when we heard the news that Luke’s Lobster was coming to town?

And remember how happy I was when I finally got to go there and taste a lobster roll done right (for the first time in longer than I care to recall)?

Well here’s the only thing that could possibly make things even better: I just got word today that Luke’s Lobster is going to start delivery service.

It’s free (with a $20 minimum order). They’ll be running it from 5pm until a half-hour before closing time. And currently, their delivery range is Washington to Spring Garden and 24th to 5th. So if you’re looking for some lobster rolls after a long day’s work, just give the joint a call at 215-564-1415 and tell them what you need.

Luke’s Lobster [Official]