Operation Swill Update: Here’s What Being An A$$hole Costs You

Remember back a couple months ago when we brought you the news of 29 New Jersey bars getting busted for swapping out top-shelf liquor with bottom-of-the-barrel swill? The sting–a year-long investigation involving undercover agents, informants and undisclosed liquor-sniffing technologies–was actually called “Operation Swill” (which was awesome), and it included in its takedown 13 different TGI Friday’s locations around the Garden State.

Well word has just come down that 8 of those TGI Fridays locations, all owned by the Briad Group, have reached a settlement deal with the state attorney general to pay a fine of $500,000 for screwing the good people of New Jersey out of their high-end booze.

CBS Philly has more information on this very important development.

Operator Of TGI Fridays Restaurants Targeted By Operation Swill Agrees To $500K Fine [CBS Philly]