Artisan Boulanger (Finally) Sets an Opening Date

Anyone who knows from good pastries will be thrilled to hear that Artisan Boulanger Patissier–the amazing French bakery which spent 16 years at 12th and Morris, earned itself a James Beard Award nomination last year, and has been hung up in a state of weird, moving-day flux for the past year or so–now has an actual opening date for their new Mifflin Street location.

The good folks over at the Passyunk Post are reporting that there’s a sign up in the window at 1218 Mifflin promising an August 3rd opening for Artisan. Which is great news. Ever since the 12th and Morris location was picked up by Chris Scarduzio (who’s planning a complete remodel and an eventual Italian restaurant at the location), Artisan has been trying to make the move into the larger, Mifflin Street space. And while yes, it has been a LONG wait, we’re betting that once the doors finally open and Andre Chin and Amanda Eap get back to the business of selling their pastries and baguettes, no one is going to remember how long it took for them to get there.

Artisan Boulanger Finally Opens On Mifflin [Passyunk Post]