Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Strip Clubs, Fatty Crab, Eagles (Food) News, Taylor Swift Eats At Ralph’s, Momofuku Comes To Philly and the Best Pizzas Ever


Some big news this week. Some big arguments this week. Some big fights in the comments section, too. So in case you’re just venturing out now that the pavement has stopped actually bubbling, here’s what you might’ve missed.

Fatty Crab is Coming To Philly Thank you, Mr. Starr

Pizzeria Beddia Has A Fan Rap Well of course it does…

Last Chance To Hang Out In Bistrot La Minette’s Courtyard It truly is the last picture show

Trump Taj Mahal is Getting A $25 Million Strip Club Yeah, you read that right

Alla Spina and FedNuts on GQ’s Best Eats List Check out the full list online

Momofuku Ssam Bar Coming To Zahav And we can’t wait

A Cheesesteak Revival Wit Or Witout brings back the meat

Taylor Swift Tips Big At Ralph’s Because the wealthy really are different

The Best Pizza In Philly The line for disagreeing with us starts right here

It’s (Kevin) Bacon Fest on the Parkway I’m going dressed as the guy he played in Tremors–his best movie role EVER

Eagles Add Garces, Vetri and McAndrews To The Team Am I gonna have to start wearing a tie to the games now?