Taylor Swift Left $500 Tip at Ralph’s in Italian Market

In case you are, like most of here at Foobooz World Headquarters, oblivious to the goings-on of country-pop tart Taylor Swift, the pride of Berks County was in Philadelphia last weekend to perform two shows at Lincoln Financial Field. And a girl’s gotta eat, right?

After Friday night’s show, Swift and her entourage popped into Ralph’s in the Italian Market for a late-night dinner, as dutifully documented by intrepid photojournalist HughE Dillon over on PhillyChitChat (although Dillon somehow got his nights mixed up, saying it was Saturday night). Swift, seen above in Ralph’s dining room, had chicken parm.

According to two sources, one of whom is a waiter at Ralph’s, Swift left a $500 tip on an $800 check (that’s 62.5%), which may just make her the most generous 23-year-old on the planet. Maybe she needs to have a chat with that douchey Justin Bieber, who is a reported stiffer.

Below, a photo Ralph’s posted on its Facebook page of Swift and friends posing with staff: