Han Dynasty Will Rule The World

Late last night (or early this morning, depending on how you tell time), Han Chiang tweeted the above picture, with the charming caption:

“I’m comin for ya NYC. Philly, u’ll always b my heart but i gots to scorch this dirty bitch right quick. LA u on deck.”

This, of course, is a reference to Chiang’s announced plans to take over the entire goddamn world in the next four years by opening 96 more restaurants, coast-to-coast. New York is first, obviously, followed by L.A., and back in May, Chiang was promising to have the Manhattan operation up and running by July.

A two-month turn-around for a first time New York restaurant? That seemed, at the time, wildly optimistic. And yet, if you check out the comments on Chiang’s tweet from last night, it appears that he’s well on his way. One of them states that the sign is already up in the East Village, at 90 3rd Avenue.

So that’s one down and 95 to go. And hey, maybe he’ll open in L.A. near Vedge’s new Left Coast location. We could have our own Little Philadelphia right there in the City of Angels.

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