Pennsylvania’s Second Whiskey Rebellion

The Natural
Dad’s Hat
products: Un-aged white rye and cask-aged Pennsylvania rye whiskey // Nearly everything that goes into a bottle of Dad’s Hat is local—including the water. There’s nothing to the mash but Pennsylvania rye and some imported malt, making this white rye the purest local expression of what a classic Pennsylvania rye whiskey should taste like.

The Rebel
Wigle Distillery
products: Range from white rye and moonshine to barrel-aged whiskey and gin // Wigle Whiskey is named for Philip Wigle, who in 1794 stood up for his right to distill whiskey for sale without having to pay ruinous taxes, thus (in part) touching off the Whiskey Rebellion that would pit a bunch of armed farmers against 13,000 professional soldiers under the command of George Washington.