Attack Of The Cronut Swiss Cro-Creme

You’ve seen the cronut taking over Buzzfeed lists and Pinterest boards, but now the fried Frankenstein croissant-doughnut has finally arrived in Philly courtesy of Swiss Haus Bakery. The latest Instagrammable dessert fad has inspired hundreds of whiny and/or ecstatic Facebook and Twitter posts and even a name for its horde of cult followers: Because, yeah, being a “cronutophile” is apparently a thing nowadays.

The cronut creator, Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York, has even trademarked the name and has been lashing out at copycats. Which is precisely why Swiss Haus Bakery is offering and selling out of “Swiss Cro-crèmes.” It is NOT a cronut, understand? Yes, like a cronut, the Swiss Cro-crème is croissant dough fried in the shape of a doughnut and filled with vanilla pastry cream and topped with a cinnamon glaze. But in order to extend a little protection to our hometown iteration, we would like to stress again: the Swiss Cro-creme is not a cronut (even though it totally is).

Since its Philadelphia debut on Monday, the Swiss Cro-crème has been selling out daily–though unlike the original cronut, you can reserve up to two of your own in advance. Swiss Haus Bakery has been putting out the cronuts Swiss Cro-cremes between 10 and 11am,  so make sure you get there early to stand in line–presumably with your head down, along with all the other people who would willingly call themselves “cronutophiles.” And since Swiss Haus Bakery is located right around the corner from us … we’ll be watching.

The Swiss Cro-crème sells for $5 each. No word yet on how much they’ll go for on Philly’s dessert black market.

Swiss Haus [Official Site]

Photo by Eddy Rhenals-Narvaez