Ranstead Room Rolls Out Summer Cocktail List

The Ranstead Room rolls out several new summer cocktails today. Fresh pineapple juice, housemade syrups and muddled raspberries will make the dark and sexy cocktail bar feel almost bright and summery. We’re particularly looking forward to downing the Firing Squad Special.

The Ranstead Room Summer Cocktail Menu

All cocktails are $12

Bulldog Cooler
gin, pineapple, ginger, lime, soda

French 95
bourbon, champagne, lemon

jamaican rum, light rum, passion fruit, lemon

20th Century Boy
bourbon, amaro, benedictine, orange bitters

St. Charles Punch
cognac, port, lemon, orange

Clover Club
gin, lemon, raspberries, egg white

Cotton Cocktail
rye, vermouth, absinthe, bitters

gin, aperol, cucumber

Firing Squad Special
tequila, lime, grenadine, soda

Tattle Tale
islay scotch, honey, bitters

Bartender’s Choice
leave it to us …