Fresh Menu at POD

Stephen Starr’s modern Japanese restaurant, POD is keeping things fresh this summer by cooking up a brand-new menu, which features new lunch and dinner options, seasonal desserts and, best of all, cocktails.

Check out the menu additions below:

Soft Shell Crabs!

Crispy jumbo soft shell crab with black bean sauce, shishito peppers and pea leaves

Chirashi Lunch and Dinner special

The lunch dish features tuna, yellowtail, salmon, ikura and julienne omelette and the exotic dinner special features uni, salmon, tuna, red snapper, toro-scallion, spicy scallop, ikura and cucumber wrap with jumbo lump crab inside.

Lobster Special: Spicy Malaysian Style Lobster with peanuts, egg and tomato-tamarind sauce

1 1/4 pound lobster steamed and finished in a Malaysian tomato-tamarind sauce with steamed rice

Cocktail Special: Whisky Blossom

Jameson, white peach puree, brewed white orchard tea, and lemon juice.

Available until the end of June.

Dessert Special: Warm yuzu-miso chocolate cake

Saketini foam and vanilla rice pearl crunch ice cream

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