Cheu Noodle Bar Working Up A(nother) New Menu


Chef Ben Puchowitz is not exactly a man who sits around doing nothing. At Matyson, he’s pumped out hundreds of different tasting menus–one every week for more weeks than anybody but him probably cares to count. And at Cheu Noodle Bar, he changes up the board like crazy, adding and subtracting dishes (as well as posting specials) whenever the spirit moves him.

And now, he has another one set to launch. He just posted it on Twitter with a “coming soon” promise, and while it appears as though crowd favorites like the ramen, the brisket and the hand-torn noodles have survived this most recent cull, he’s added uni with raw corn and miso cod with onion dashi to the noodle side of the menu, and stuff like crispy rice cakes with snails and tomatoes with yuzu, ricotta, raspberries and kaffir lime to the other.

Ben Puchowitz [Twitter]