Adam Erace Reviews Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen


Adam Erace publishes his thoughts on Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen, which he describes as “a haven of tempeh Reubens and Nitro Milk Stouts catering to the Memphis Taproom/Johnny Brenda’s set”. Erace praises the restaurant’s all-inclusiveness, but scratches his head at some of the cuisine choices.

He has this to say of Cedar Point’s menu and patronage:

Dougherty’s menu balances meaty (jambalaya, pulled-pork grilled cheese) and meatless (vegan cheese board, fried-green-tomato po’boy) fare, and the down-to-earth staff makes Old and New Fishtown equally welcome. When I arrived just after happy hour — deals include $2 off draughts, $1 off cans and wine and half-price wings — all sorts were camped out and enjoying the late sun on the deck: couples, CrossFit buddies, beer philosophers, grandparents, teachers celebrating graduation, girls in short-shorts and tank tops, guys in short-shorts and tank tops, dad groups with curly haired Little Leaguers in tow. At one point a woman wandered in with a Hula-Hoop, and no one batted an eye.

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Photo by Neal Santos