A Farm To Table Tasting Menu At Meritage

Yeah, yeah… Everyone is doing farm-to-table these days (except for those who aren’t), and sometimes it’s hard to get excited about yet another menu touting its connections to the local zip code.

But here’s the thing about farm-to-table menus. Every once in a while, one comes along that just feels…inspired. Like the chef really did what chefs are supposed to do when faced with one of these events–looked at the bounty at hand and used both the availability and the scarcity to inspire them in the creation of truly interesting, seasonal plates.

It might help here that Anne Coll was sourcing partly from her own garden. It might help that Meritage is running this thing during one of the true boom-months for Philadelphia-area growers. But it really is a beautiful, poetic board. So take a look and, if the flavors move you, there’s a link at the bottom of the page for making reservations.

Meritage Farm To Table Tasting Menu

June 26-28

Amuse Bouche
Country Pate, dark cherry mostardo, pistachio, rustic loaf

First Course
Summer Squash Tart, house made ricotta, chicken confit,
poached egg, tomato jam, red sails lettuce

Second Course
Roasted Herb Crusted Beef Shoulder Tender,
tea smoked new potatoes, crispy swiss chard,
Maitake mushroom, red wine reduction

Third Course
Doe Run’s Seven Sisters Cheese, black raspberry gastrique
and a lavender honey.

Fourth Course
Flourless Dark Chocolate cherry torte, sour cherry compote,
chocolate crunch & swiss marshmallow

Meritage Farm To Table Tasting Menu Reservations [Open Table]