Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Hell’s Kitchen, Hot Dog Crepes, A Night At Serpico, Chicken-Flavored Ice Cream and A New Restaurant For Marc Vetri


That’s the new PYT potato skins burger right there. You should go eat it right now. But if you can’t–or are looking for something that won’t just, you know, make you die of a heart attack on the spot, here are some other things you might’ve missed.

Mark Vetri Is Opening A New Restaurant At The Navy Yard For those of you keeping score at home, that makes THREE projects now in the works for Vetri

Hell’s Kitchen is Casting In Philly In case you didn’t already know how much you suck, now you can have some British guy tell you on TV

Cheap Eats: So Crepe A little bit of Paris for a bargain price

Franklin Mortgage Now Has 2 Floors The upstairs bar is now taking reservations

About Last Night… Dinner at Serpico

Morimoto Serves Ice Cream Because Philly needed someone to make Chicken and Waffles flavored ice cream

Cochon Epic Announces Its Local Chefs 1,500 lbs of pig requires a lot of chefs to prep

Koo Zee Doo Is Closing A sad day for fans of bacalao

Yeah, We Got our Own Signature Pizza It’s all thanks to Art