Spaghetti Western and Some Spaghetti

G3B9lD_-8_lTihXG69xYY06PDP9X7-BD047TrRr94m0,OWwTgCEUWRIV_hQlz6j4wrXvb7degS2cQRVxFvVhoZs,z-rHlw6R1Aps58WiR0NVfljerTfyo_G71UvoMfr1rhEThis June, Brat Productions gives you dinner theater like you’ve never experienced it before as they combining dinner theater, spaghetti western, musical and spaghetti to bring you THE LAST PLOT IN REVENGE.

The play was penned by local playwright Brian Grace-Duff, directed by John Clancy and features music by Peter Gaffney. The story takes you to Revenge, Montana, a land where the wild rule, the whiskey runs, the whores are tired, the guns are smokin’ – and there is only one cemetery plot left in the whole town.

Guests will not only be treated to a show, but a meal featuring spaghetti provided by Nick’s Roast Beef with support from Esposito’s Meats. The dinner-and-a-show runs June 15th through June 29th at Lucy’s Hat Shop. Show time varies per night between 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Times can be confirmed on the ticket link page. Tickets are on sale now for $15 to $20, and available at and