Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Turns Four, Opens Its Upstairs

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Ah we remember the first days so well, Arthur Kade requesting flavored vodka, followed by vodka, followed by a very puzzled look. And now after four years, the bar is no doubt a success story. And to celebrate, head bartender Al Sotack tells us they will be offering $9 daiquiris for the next month, right through July 18th.

We asked Sotack what’s the deal with the upstairs expansion of Franklin and received a surprising answer. The upstairs has been very quietly open for the past three weeks. And this weekend you can find Sotack and bartender Catherine Manning upstairs working the new bar. In addition to the extra room, the Franklin will experiment with reservations upstairs at the end of July.

So, go celebrate four years with Franklin Mortgage and if you go on a weekend, check out what’s happening upstairs.

Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. [Official Site]