The Lite Choice Descends Upon Philly


If you’re looking for a frozen treat that’s guiltless and tasty, look no further than The Lite Choice. The chain of 22 stores has stuck their flag down on 16th Street between Walnut & Locust for their flagship store.

This is the third area Lite Choice for Philadelphia. A storefront opened at 135 South Street last October and at 121 Market Street in Collegeville this past April.

Each store produces all of the company’s 80 flavors on-site, and offers toppings including freshly diced fruit, assorted candy and crumbled cookies for both soft serve and scoopable flavors.

Here’s today’s menu, which rotates a variety of 80 flavors regularly:

Soft Serve: French Vanilla; Strawberry; Chocolate Truffle; Snickers

Scoopables: French Vanilla; Colombian Coffee; Butter Pecan; Peanut Butter; Coffee Toffee; Wild Strawberry; Creamy Coconut; Chocolate Strawberry; Key lime Pie, Double Chocolate

Scoopable – Served in a cup or a cone
$3.75 for 2 Scoops
$4.75 for 3 Scoops
$6.50 per Pint
$8.00 per Quart
$100 per 2.5 Gallon Tub

Soft Serve – Served in a cup or a cone
$3.75 for 4 Ounces
$4.75 for 6 Ounces
$6.50 per Pint
$8 per Quart

$5.50 for 16 Ounce
$6.00 for 22 Ounce

Soft Serve Cakes
$24.50 for an 8-inch Cake
$30.00 for a 10-inch Cake
$40 for a 12-inch Cake

6 Packs of Soft Serve Sandwiches – $8.25

The Lite Choice
1528 Walnut Street (entrance on 16th between Walnut and Locust)