Brown Betty Gets An Ice Cream Bike


And today, it stopped by Foobooz World HQ so we could get a look and sample some of the ice cream sandwiches that they’re going to be selling.

As you can see, it’s a pretty cool little contraption, and the plan is to have it out on the streets on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, then doing events (like Taste of Philadelphia, coming up over 4th of July weekend) on the off days. What’s more, they’re hoping to have it rolling at night, too–parking out by the city’s finest bars and offering ice cream to whose resistance has been lowered by a few shots of cotton-candy-flavored vodka.


The ice cream sandwiches themselves are excellent (that’s a sample size shown above–the real ones will be full-size). The bike came today loaded with three flavors: Butter pecan, bourbon whiskey and strawberry. All the ice cream comes from Taharka Bros. in Baltimore, and it gets packed between two soft, almost cakey chocolate layers that come straight from Brown Betty’s kitchen. The result is a soft, smooth and richly flavored grown-up version of your standard-issue ice cream sandwich. The strawberry had a crisp, refreshing taste. And the bourbon (made with Makers Mark), actually tasted fairly powerfully of whiskey–which was a nice contrast to most alcohol-based ice creams that just taste like muddied versions of their primary flavoring.

The plan is for Brown Betty to get this first custom bike up and running in the next few days (it literally just arrived in Philadelphia last Friday and they don’t quite know how to work all the pieces of it yet). After that, depending on how successful this experiment is, they may deploy more.

Brown Betty Dessert Boutique [Official]