Kermit’s Bake Shop Gets Close

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend a pre-noon hour checking out the progress at Kermit’s Bake Shop, the pizza + bakery from Adam Ritter (Sidecar and Kraftwork) opening at 2204 Washington Avenue. Ritter, along with chef Brian Lofink and pastry chef Chad Durkin are in the final stages of preparation. I was able to check out the progress and sample pizzas and some of the pastries.

The pizza is a traditional American pie, not the Neapolitan variety that is so much the rage. Ritter wants it to remind you of the pizza of your youth, but better. Yesterday, Lofink was still playing with the sauce, tweaking the sweetness and amount of herbs.

The storefront will offer takeout and delivery, there will be no room to eat inside the surprisingly large space. That space is full of mixers for Chad Durkin’s baking operation. Durkin, who appeared on TLC’s Next Great Baker is producing cakes, fudge, pastries and yesterday, croissants. I got to try several and am still obsessing over the egg and herb filled one.

When Kermit’s Bake Shop does open it will offer ordering by mobile phone and a fleet of eight custom bikes offering delivery.

For more on Kermit’s Bake Shop, check out Drew Lazor’s piece in today’s Daily News.