Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Uh, You Know It’s Beer Week, Right?

Because, well, it is. Go to there. Do it now. Read all this other stuff tomorrow.

Except for this first thing:

Philly Beer Week 2013: A Guide To Guides Oh, how meta…

Reviewed: Tavro 13 Terence Feury goes to Swedesboro, but is Swedesboro ready for Terence Feury?

Mugshot Diner Opens In Fishtown And Fishtowners go kinda bonkers

Reviewed: Goat Hollow Sometimes you don’t have to be perfect

Gastronaut: No Child Left Behind A case for bringing the kids out to dinner

Marc Vetri Hates Garlic No, really

The Revisit: Sbraga It is really time for you to go back

Let’s Go To Prison! For Dinner!

Cheap Eats: Lunch at Tashan You wouldn’t believe how cheap it really is

And that’s it. Happy Beer Week everyone. Let’s be careful out there.