Keg & Kitchen Blind Tasting Team Challenge

Have you tried unsuccessfully, year after year, to get into the Philly Beer Geek finals, only to find that, while you aced the blind tasting section, the judges thought your bribery skills sucked?

If so, you have another chance — not to win this year’s Philly Beer Geek (that title’s going to Mike Lawrence or Jessica Streeter, stupid), but to call yourself “The Best of Philly.”

On June 8, Haddon Township’s Keg & Kitchen (formerly Cork), is hosting The Team Challenge, a battle of wits to determine who can best identify and answer questions about 12 blindly tasted beers.  Thirty teams will consist of two people each, and the top three teams all get trophies and bragging rights. The contest starts at 12:30 pm and costs $25 per entrant.

And just think, you don’t even need to build up an immunity to iocane powder to win.

Keg & Kitchen [official]