Sly Fox Helles Cans Are Illegal in New Jersey

The Sly Fox Helles 360° cans that we’ve been very excited by here at Foobooz World Headquarters are illegal in New Jersey. Jersey beer blog, Beer-Stained Letter explains that the issue is a 1970s litter law that prohibits any detachable metal being part of the can. As old-timers might remember, beer and soda cans once had pull-off tabs that were replaced by the “stay-tabs” that cans have today.

If any Jerseyites have these contraband Sly Fox Helles cans, we recommend dropping them off at our offices (1818 Market Street) and we’ll take them off your hands, no questions asked.

Beer Minute: NJ says ‘can’t’ to new Sly Fox can [Beer Stained Letter]