Marc Vetri Hates Garlic, Loves Celebrity Apprentice

The back page of the June issue of Philadelphia magazine is dedicated to an interview with Philadelphia chef Marc Vetri, who hosts Great Chefs on June 11th, benefiting Alex’s Lemonade. Among the revelations: Marc Vetri hates garlic.

Specifically, Vetri has this to say about the pungent plant:

I can’t stand garlic. I’ve just always hated it, and then when I went to Italy, they didn’t even use it a lot. I always thought that Italian food was all about the garlic. My mom used to eat raw cloves, and it smelled so bad, I think that stuck in my head.

Other things we learned about Marc Vetri: he lost his virginity “very late”; his most memorable meal was at Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV in Monte Carlo (and it was comped); and he loves Celebrity Apprentice.

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