Giwa’s Go Chu Jang Sauce Now Available for Sale

Are you a fan of Giwa in Center City? What about their sizzling signature hot sauce?

If you can’t get enough of that deliciously spicy Go Chu Jang sauce and yearn to have your own supply, then you’re in luck! Owner Yong Chi has announced that the awesome hot sauce is now being sold as a commercial product. Come in to the restaurant and pick up your own supply today.

Go Chu Jang is a thick paste made mainly with a fermented soybean base and red chili pepper. This addictive sauce is great for rice, noodles, dips, marinades, stir-frying and BBQ wings. Hell, drink it right out of the bottle.

Giwa is selling the sauce for $5.95 and look for it popping up on store shelves as well. Stock up now.