Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Memorial Day Weekend Edition


So in case you haven’t heard, it’s a long weekend. You should really think about getting up from your desk right now and just, you know, going home. Or better yet, going out and getting something to eat and/or drink. But just in case you’re stuck there for a couple hours yet, here’s a little something to keep you from going insane until quitting time. Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone.

Diving Horse’s Opening Menu For those of you hitting the Shore this weekend

Zoe’s Kitchen Coming To Philly More action for Bryn Mawr

Jerry’s Bar Open In NoLibs You should go to there. No, really.

Two More Weeks Of Lobster Mania At Chick’s Social And when you’re done at Jerry’s, go here

Liquored-Up Italian Ice? Oh, hell yeah

Can You Get The Best Cheesesteak In Philly For $3 Apparently, you can

Soft Shell Season Heats Up #SoftShellsInPhl

Summer Grill Packages From Wursthaus Schmitz It’s a sausage fest

Cheap Eats We head to Franzone’s in Bridgeport

Brunch At Fitler Dining Room If you didn’t already, now you have something to do on Sunday

29 Jersey Bars Are Run By Assholes “Operation Swill” catches them swapping top shelf liquor for the cheap stuff

Hey, and just so none of you out there worry, Foobooz will be dark on Monday so that our team can celebrate. Or, more accurately, so we can recover from a weekend of celebrating. See you all back here bright and early Tuesday morning.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.