Roy Choi Is Cooking In Camden?

True, the weird, headless selfie ain’t much to look at. But it’s the tweet it’s attached to that made us sit up and take notice:

“Cooking in Camden then back to Philly love”

For those of you who don’t know, Roy Choi is the man behind L.A.’s slavishly adored Kogi Taco–a Korean taco food truck that people just go absolutely batshit over. (It was good enough that it snagged Choi a 2010 Best New Chef nod from Food & Wine magazine.) We don’t have any idea why (or where) he’s cooking in Camden, or what he’s doing in Philly (other than buying cheese), but until we hear otherwise, we’re just going to assume that he’s looking at bringing a new Kogi truck to town which will do nothing but follow Art and I all over the city every day.

Roy Choi [Twitter]