Soft-Shell Season Heating Up #SoftShellsinPHL

Last week we told you about the restaurants that added soft shell crabs to their menu. Now, soft-shell season has really heated up. A number of area restaurants have added the tasty summer treat to their menus.

Here are some of the places that have just added soft-shells to their menu:

Amis – Chef Brad Spence posted the above photo on his twitter earlier today. He is preparing those excellent looking crabs three ways tonight. First, he is doing soft-shell bruschetta with chick peas and jalapeños. Then he is doing a squid ink spaghetti with toasted bread crumbs and softs-shells. For the entree, Spence is doing deep fried soft-shells with herb mayo and asparagus salad.

North Third – Fried soft-shell crab sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and a Cajun remoulade for $14

Tavro 13 -The Swedesboro restaurant doesn’t have soft-shells for lunch today, but it is “a possibility” that they get them for the dinner service.

R2L – The restaurant with a beautiful sunset view is serving an asparagus, warm soft-shell crab, and poached egg salad for $26.  A salad for $26 is almost always a rip off, but maybe this one isn’t.

Standard Tap – The tap room is serving a fried soft-shell with greens grow pickles, pickled tomatoes, and tartar sauce for you to enjoy with one of their 2o+ beers on tap.

Fitler Dining Room – The three bell winning restaurant is serving up an incredible looking plate with asparagus, radish, potato, horseradish, and sautéed soft-shell crab.

The Mildred – The Mildred is making a soft-shell with pickled ramp mojo, bacon-gribiche sauce, and brioche for $14.

Rembrandt’s – The bar and music venue is making a brown butter soft-shell crab with poblano cornbread, roasted breakfast radish, cherry tomatoes, salsa verde, and a citrus aioli.

Oyster House – Oyster house has soft-shells with roasted mushrooms and snow peas in a romesco sauce. The soft-shells may also be making a surprise appearance on the dinner menu tonight.

The Industry – An unconventional approach to soft-shells, The Industry is frying them up and putting them in a BLT. Something about soft-shells and bacon excites me very much.

Le Virtu – Another three bell winning restaurant, Le Virtu is serving polenta beer battered soft-shells. Get them quick though because they are about to run out, and when they do it appears unlikely that they will return to the menu again this season.

Tell us where you are eating soft-shells by using the hashtag #SoftShellsinPHL on twitter.