Hot Dogs, History, and Beer at Hot Diggity

Hot Diggity University Class #2 on Southern hot dogs will be tonight, Monday, May 20, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.. A ticket to this special class run by local hot dog legend Hawk Krall will set you back $45. The ticket gets you full access to four special hot dogs, lots of beer, and a talk with Hawk. This is a can’t miss for any hot dog aficionado.

List of Special hot dogs:

Dog #1: West Virginia Style – chili inspired by Yann’s in West Virginia, sweet white slaw

Dog #2: Pimento Dog – Pimento cheese spread, mustard, onions

Dog #3: Memphis Slaw Dog – tangy and spicy mustard slaw

Dog #4: Pete’s Famous Special Hot Dog – Birmingham Alabama sauerkraut, mustard, ground beef, onions, and “sauce”

You can get your tickets to the special hot dog event here. Act fast because the event can sell out.

Hot Diggity [Official Site]