Softshell Season Is Upon Us, Here’s Where To Find Them


Soft shells with shoshito and honey at Stateside

We here at Foobooz World Headquarters have a soft spot for soft shell crabs. Some might get bummed out by the thought of biting through a shell, devouring a whole animal and all that. But us, we love the idea of crabby taste without the hustle or frustration of shucking anything. And softshell season is officially upon us. The delicious creatures have been showing up on more menus around town over recent days.

Here are where we’ve spotted soft shell crabs:

Blackfish – The Conshohocken BYOB by Chip Roman is offering a whole softshell crab menu on Tuesday, May 21st.

Jose Pistola’s – Soft shells on soft shells are on special at Jose Pistola’s in Center City right now.

Morgan’s Pier – Soft shell crabs are on the the dining menu at the Delaware riverfront hot spot. The $15 plate is served with pickled bacon and watercress.

NOORD – Joncarl Lachman is rolling out soft shell crabs as a special.

Stateside – Chef Elijah Milligan instagrammed his soft shell crabs with shoshito and honey last night.

Have you spotted soft shell crabs in Philadelphia. Let us know where in the comments.