Free Chocolate: Best Of Philly Public Tasting

Okay, everyone. Clear your schedules for the afternoon of Wednesday, May 15 because that’s when we’re going to be holding the first of our 2013 Best of Philly public taste tests. As we did last year, we’re taking a bunch of our Best of Philly categories out to you, the people, and letting you choose the best in the city. And for this year’s first event, we’re picking the best chocolate in Philadelphia.

The participants have been chosen. It’ll be Eclat Chocolate, Chocolate by Mueller, Marcie Blaine Artisinal Chocolates, Lore’s Chocolates and Shane Confectionery all going head to head (to head to head) in a contest for sweet supremacy. And yes, it is so exciting that I am resorting to alliteration.

The whole thing will kick off at noon on May 15th. It’ll be over by 1pm. But during that hour, it’ll be free chocolate for all comers. And to find out exactly where this thing is going to happen, you’ll have to stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Got it? Good. See you all there.