NoBL Is Going Out With A Bang

So word has come down that NoBL is shutting the doors for good in Lansdowne. Yes, the place has struggled (it only opened about a year ago, then closed after the departure of chef Sam Jacobson, then re-opened at the beginning of the year with a new menu and crew), but owner Stephen Wagner was refreshingly forthright in his announcement of the closure.

“Why, you may ask, are we closing? Simple… Not enough customers. Sad but true.”

But things at NoBL aren’t over just yet. The place will be open tonight like normal. On Thursday they have a band coming in (Minas, who are using the night to solicit donations for their Kickstarter campaign). On Friday it’ll be the Jazz With Chaz Trio performing. And then on Saturday–NoBL’s final night–they’re doing a $20 chef’s choice dinner. Show up, drop a twenty and get fed. Simple as that.

NoBL [Official]