This Weekend: Wine In Atlantic City

Just as advertisers once pounded slogans like “Just do it,” “Just say no” and “Where’s the Beef” into our heads so consistently they became as mentally ingrained as our phone numbers (before speed dial and caller id, of course), marketers in Atlantic City are hoping that by flashing their “Do AC” mantra before our eyes in every cab and during every commercial break, we’ll be drawn like drones to go spend money in the city that’s always turned on.

But just in case your agoraphobia and strict Luddite outlook have kept you locked in a dark room for the past few weeks, you may not have seen the latest Do AC ads that promote the resort town’s first Boardwalk Wine Promenade this Saturday and Sunday.

What better time to get out and get your drink on before Memorial Day, when all the shoobies like us come and ruin the place? James Beard award-winning wine expert, author and TV personality Leslie Sbrocco has designed an immersive experience that places seven themed wine stations along the boardwalk. She’ll be making appearances at each throughout the day while sippers stop in to casinos to sample from 150 different wines and nibble on paired noshes, and party bands kick up the volume a few notches. The themes run from Sun, where light whites match the beach vibe, to Sips and Sashes, featuring American beauties, to Artwalk, where you can admire artistic labels along with the color of the liquid.

Buy tickets online or at Boardwalk Hall for $75-$85, and download a .PDF with tasting notes before you go.

Do AC Boardwalk Wine Promenade [Official]