Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Little Nonna’s, Tequila Shots, Morgan’s Pier, Lorenzo’s, and How Han Chiang Will Make You A Millionaire


That right there is “Olga’s Breakfast,” which came from Wednesday night’s Open Stove “Uno de Mayo” Night at COOK. And that was just one of the things we reported on this week. Here’s what else you might’ve missed…

City Cracking Down On Sidewalk Dining Or at least that’s what they say

Lorenzo’s Opens On South Street If the numbers are to be believed, this was the biggest story of the week, month and maybe the year

A Kitchen Movie For Philly? We oughta be in pictures

Josh Lawler Opening A New Restaurant Four words we don’t say very often: Lucky for New Jersey

Love Park Debuts 15 New Food Trucks It’s gonna be a big summer

Turney and Safran Opening Little Nonna’s New life for the old Fish space (again)

Fat Salmon Crew Goes On Strike And we have video

Uno de Mayo Night At Open Stove Gummi bear tacos, anyone?

Wanna Be Han Chiang’s Apprentice? He’s promising millions, but what do we have to do for it?

Tale Of The Tape: Morgan’s Pier Everything we know, all in one convenient place